Unique Fusion Pizzas

PowWow Pizza is a chef driven restaurant with a focus on unique, creative pies. Using dough as a canvas, Chef Maurice Yim creates pizzas that reflect regional and international flavors. Each pizza is handcrafted using quality and seasonal ingredients with a rotating menu based on his whims and inspirations. 

Born and raised by Cambodian immigrant parents in Long Beach, California, Chef Maurice's love of food grew out of curiosity from the diverse cuisines that Southern California offers. Eating food from various countries and regions made him view cuisine from a worldly perspective. After working in various kitchens in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area Chef Maurice Yim decided to open a restaurant. Hence, PowWow Pizza was born. The philosophy of PowWow Pizza is to bring people and cultures together through food. Opened on December 1, 2018, PowWow reflects Chef Maurice's ideas on fusion cuisine.